Thursday, December 23, 2010

Deployment Windows 2003 IIS Problem 404 Error

This is a normal problem with Deployments, whenever people deploy their ASP.Net application on windows 2003 server. They face this problem. A 404 (Page Not Found) Error is shown.

This error normally arise when the sequence of installation is wrong.

Following steps must be taken to prevent the error to arise:

  1. make sure that the is registered with the IIS. You can register the with the IIS using aspnet_regiis.exe using '-i' switch. The aspnet_regiis.exe is located at <%WIN%>\Microsoft.Net\Framework\ folder
  2. It is often seen that registering the with IIS has no effect on the error mentioned above. In that case, you must make sure that the corresponding version in the Web Service Extensions in the IIS Manager is marked as 'Allowed'.
You can achieve this by doing the following steps:
  • Point to Start -> Run
  • Type inetmgr and then press enter. This will open the IIS Console on the server
  • Expand the server node and then click the 'Web Service Extensions' folder
  • Make sure that the corresponding ASP.Net version in the right pane is marked as 'Allowed'.
  • If not, select the corresponding version of in the right pane and click 'Allow' button.
Now try browsing the website again. It should run as a charm.